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Window Kill

Sep 17, 2017 at

This morning, Cam and I were watching cartoons when we heard a thud on one of the large windows over the living room.  I knew it was a bird impact, but Cam doesn't yet recognize the noise.  So we headed outside to see what we could find.  I was rather surprised when I looked below the window and saw my favorite bird laying lifeless.  A female Western Tanager had hit the window and died on impact.

I explained to Cam that birds hit windows because they see the reflection of the sky and can't tell the difference--it's called a window kill.  He was excited to see a bird so close, even though it was a live bird no more.  I always hate when I hear or see a window kill, but being able to look at a bird in the hand is a great learning experience.

Window kills could make for an interesting product design project...

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