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The Elusive Daytime Flammy

Sep 27, 2017 at

In 20+ years of birding, I have seen probably close to 500 Flammulated Owls.  My guiding business has made it possible for me to see 50-100 of these almost every year the past decade.  But in that time I have only ever seen 1 adult away from a nest--and that was in May 2005 in central Colorado.  

Fast forward to yesterday when my buddy Kenny text me a picture of an Owl with the message, "This is a flammy, right?".

My response--"yep".

So, having seen hundreds of Flammy's and photographed dozens, I still am keenly obsessed with this bird--and daytime versions are even more of an addiction.  It wasn't long before I made my way to the park, and the tree where it was roosting.   Daytime Flammy, check.

I'm a sucker for this bird and always will be.

Perhaps the fact it stands just 6" tall is the driving force in my obsession?  Maybe the fact it's only reliably found in a few western states?  Perhaps, its that Utah might be the best place in the world to see them?  And maybe, just maybe it's because I happen to be really good at finding them at night, but have never found one during the day that really drives the daytime obsession?

I think even if I found 100 during the day, I'd still be a sucker for them every time...

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